The ITU brAIn lab is a space and a group of people with a common interest in research and education at the crossroad between machine learning, psychophysiology, neuroscience and cognition. Within the lab, researchers and students collaborate to develop computational models of different aspects of the human mind and design experiments to capture and synthesise the user experience in complex digital media like video games and virtual reality. How to measure difficulty in games? how to quantify learning? How can we model and predict human emotions? These are among the many questions that we try to answer in the lab through our experiments and models.

The lab is part of the Center for Digital Play as well as the Computer Science Department, and is located in the 5th floor of the building at the IT University of Copenhagen. Here, you can find facilities to conduct experiments and collect psychophysiological data, such as EEG amplifiers, ECG sensors and Eye-trackers. The group of people involved in the lab activities includes faculties and students with diverse backgrounds and coming from different corners of the ITU.

Students from all ITU educations or welcome for their research projects and theses, and we are open to collaborations with other research institutions and companies. If you are interested in working with us, you can write to the lab coordinators, Dr Paolo Burelli and Dr Stefan Heinrich.