We just presented the lab at the thesis market last Friday, check the slides with some of the next thesis ideas:

Here are a few of the ideas from the slides, if you can’t see the pdf:

  • Create a computational model of the uncanny valley effect using machine learning
  • Investigate the application of geometric deep learning to encode the interaction between electrodes in EEG recording
  • Create computational models of player experience.
    • Can we detect and qualify different players’ emotions and cognitive states while they are playing?
    • Can we adapt the gameplay? Can we generate new content driven by the experience? (generative AI in games)
  • Investigate how to integrate non-verbal cues into conversation with a conversational AI (e.g. chatGPT)
    • How can a virtual agent understand user emotions? Can non-verbal cues used to improve the interaction with virtual characters?
  • Test theories of neuroscience & cognitive psychology for information processing
    • Multiple timescales in perception & action
    • Hierarchical & statistical learning